About Me 

I grew up in Davis, California—farmed fresh from the fields that dot the central California landscape and the swimming pools I competed in throughout my youth.  After my undergrad studies at UC-Santa Cruz, I honed my skills as a young filmmaker shooting professional surfers across the globe. I went on to earn a Masters degree in documentary from UCSC and have screened my award-winning doc work in festivals worldwide and nationally on PBS. After a stint living and filming in Peru, I returned to San Francisco to build my commercial reel as a director where I continue to work with global brands and agencies. 

My intention as a director is to create cinematic, heartfelt and honest connections between my subjects and the viewer. I absolutely cherish getting to know people and cultures that I wouldn't have encountered outside of film. When I’m not directing you can find me surfing and photographing the rugged swells that frequent my San Francisco home.

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